Mutual Minds creates connections through supportive communities and hand-picked resources. We know that sometimes, a simple "Me too" unleashes the strength to keep going, so we've created safe spaces for individuals who are in similar situations to relate to each other without fear of judgement or misunderstanding. From birth to beyond, Mutual Minds provides the support system you've been missing.

We also realize that support systems won't pay the bills so we connect our members to hard to find resources and exclusive deals as well. These resources and deals are carefully curated with the common concerns of each community in mind. Digging through Google searches for help is time consuming and stressful so we present all the assistance you need in an organized, easy to find fashion. The Expecting Parents Alliance of America, or EPAOA, is our community of expecting parents embarking on the beautiful journey towards parenthood together. Parents-to-be are offered a place to share their joys and struggles as well as find helpful information and aid along the way. Likewise, the Single Parents Alliance of America connects single parents and delivers offers and information to support them as they support their families.

The resources and community necessary for success are now right at your fingertips. The only thing missing is you!

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